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‘Glover Country’ is the name that famous Australian Impressionist artist Tom Roberts gave to the plains and hills south of Evandale in Tasmania, where colonial artist John Glover (1767 – 1849) lived from 1831 to his death. Glover is often referred to as the father of Australian landscape painting. He was a contemporary of fellow British Romantic landscape painters John Constable (1776–1737) and JMW Turner (1775–1851).

Glover left his successful career in Britain, arriving in Van Diemen’s Land on 18 February 1831, his 64th birthday. Despite his age he was enthusiastic about the strange plants and light that he found on the other side of the globe, particularly around Patterdale his land grant on the Nile River at Deddington, which he painted many times.

The landscape that Glover painted is still very much intact and provides visitors with a timeless experience of this beautiful place.

Glover Country offers you opportunities to walk and paint in Glover’s shoes, to experience the landscape he loved,to learn about the history of this place, and to enjoy local produce in this significant heritage setting.


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